How to Choose the Best Poker Room

Many people want to know how poker originated. Get to know poker through website. While the answer is not really clear, there are several theories regarding the subject. One theory is that in 969 A.D. on New Year's Eve, the Chinese Emperor was playing "domino cards" with his wife. It is believed that through this game the game of poker was then born. The cards used by the Chinese are nothing like the cards that are used today. They Chinese cards were made from thinner paper and called Kwan Palwere. Aside from poker, play Bovada casino's roulette online game

Other Poker Origination Theories

There are some people that make the argument that poker is derived from the Persian game As Nas. This is a game that was played during the 17th century and used a special deck that had 5 suites and was played with 5 players. Many experts doubt this idea and how it was started. There are other people who believe that the game of poker was started by the French who were living in New Orleans in the year 1480. The French introduced a game they called Poque. This game was played with the suits clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts. Poque is pronounced "poker" without the "r." New poker variant video poker is extremely fun to play.


In recent years many poker tournaments have been televised. New live casino online will give different experience playing at the comfort of your home. This has led to a huge growth in the popularity of the game. On top of this, poker is now available for play online, which means that the popularity of the game will continue to grow as more people have access to the game from anywhere in the world. Use the poker gaming site that casino reviewers have already analyzed and recommended. The poker jeux en ligne website provides different variations of the poker game along with attractive promotional deals. The website looks stunning.

Playing Online

If you are new to the game of online poker it is important to read reviews about the different online poker rooms before you start playing. There are some great poker forums available that will give you a quick review about playing on the different sites that are available. Play like Michael Mizrachi while playing poker online. Players from the United States will find that their number of choices are somewhat limited. Try reading information at online poker review sites before creating your new poker account at a site.