Poker Spotlight on Michael Mizrachi

Known as "the Grinder," Michael Mizrachi is one of those poker players that manages to make it to the winner's circle an inordinate amount of times. Be a poker expert by playing at the websites provided by His secret is not an uncanny ability to read tells or an extremely high understanding of advanced math concepts, but something more simple. The truth is that Mizrachi is talented at all facets of the game and has no weaknesses at the table. With these skills, he has built up a reputation for consistently solid play and ability to eschew flashy plays in favor of grinding through tournaments without bringing much notice from other players. However, his acclaim has been noticed by fans and his frequent presence at final tables in rooms such as PokerStars has convinced many people to start taking note of this poker superstar. ClickCasino here also provide expert poker tips.

Like many other professional players, Mizrachi learned the poker rules at a very early age. He and his father, mother, and three brothers would play poker as a common pastime and the competitiveness between the family members taught Mizrachi poker skills that were far beyond his young age. With older brother Robert starting to make headway into the online games, Michael made the decision to leave medical school and concentrate his time on learning how to beat the online games. True to his nickname, he started in smaller stakes, playing tournaments of $20 and $40. In a short amount of time, his early education paved the way for his success and he was soon building his bankroll and entering $100 and $200 tournaments. Play different poker games like video poker online

The online poker skills of Michael Mizrachi found a place in the live casino setting almost as fast. I'm sure his bluffing skills are exceptional. In the year 2005, he managed to tie an existing record of seven finishes in the money in a single year, but it would be five years later before he would be able to claim a bracelet as his own. In 2010, the wait was over and was certainly worth the time and effort put into studying the game. Mizrachi took down the $50,000 entry Poker Player's Championship event, commonly regarded at the time as the most elite tournament in the world. In the same year, he would finish fifth in the Main Event, resulting in his largest ever payday of over $2.3 million. Over the course of his live poker career, Mizrachi has won many tournaments in different types of events, often defeating better known players with his grinding style.

While the Grinder's tough guy image and impressive work ethic serve him well at the poker tables, friends know him as more of a family man. With living on the poker tournament trail taking its toll and keeping him away from his wife and daughter, Mizrachi invested in the purchase of a tour bus that would allow him to spend as much time with his family as possible while still taking part in the big tournaments that are so profitable for professional players. Michael Mizrachi is still young at the age of 31, but it is clear that this pro has his life well organized and years of future poker profits ahead of him.